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We have an extensive list of case studies of people who've made successful career changes to more fulfilling work. We also have a searchable page with the latest career change statistics.

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Careershifters in the news

Forbes - 'Getting A Grip On Midlife Management – The UK (and Women) Lead The Way' (28th September 2023). Read more.

The Association for Coaching Podcast - 'Helping Your Clients Embrace the Messiness of Career Change' (3rd July 2023). Listen here.

Globe Gazette - 'So you want to make a radical career change?' (20th March 2022). How will you know if this unknown path is a good one for you? Read more.

BBC Radio Scotland - 'Time Millionaires' segment with Stephen Jardine (22nd October 2021).

You Magazine for the Mail Online - 'Do jobs even matter any more?' (26th September 2021). The pandemic has spawned a worldwide movement with millions of people now ‘lying flat’ – the term coined in China that means quitting work entirely for a better quality of life. Read more.

The Telegraph - 'I quit my dream job for a 9-5 and I'm much happier now' (21st March 2021). What if following your passion is not the key to career happiness after all? Read more.

LinkedIn News - Want to change careers? Here’s how (25th January 2021). Read more.

BBC Worklife - Has the meaning of work changed forever? (17th November 2020). Remote working and watching the world go through a major shake-up is redefining what many of us need and want from our careers – and even our lives. Read more.

BBC Radio Scotland - Career change panel with Stephen Jardine (6th November 2020).

The Telegraph - How to change career in your 30s (3rd November 2020). The world of employment is changing quickly and those who keep learning and adding new strings to their bow will be at an advantage. Read more.

The Daily Mail - How we bagged our dream second careers with a ‘minternship’ (25th October 2020). Three successful women explain, with women hit particularly hard by the Covid crash, why many of us are looking for a midlife job change . Read more.

The Times - The career switchers who found dream jobs during the coronavirus pandemic (17th October 2020). Read more.

LBC - Retraining for career change, with Iain Dale (8th October 2020).

The Financial Times - Job losses force rethink of female career goals (7th October 2020). Women are trying out new types of work, with publishing or health and fitness among the most popular. Read more.

BBC Radio London - Helping two listeners navigate their career changes, with Jason Rosam (16th September 2020).

Times Radio - 'How easy is it to give up a job you're unhappy with to pursue your dream one?' with Gloria de Piero (11th September 2020).

Allbright Collective - The Working Women's Guide To Pivoting Your Career (10th September 2020).  Explore how to pivot your career in an unpredictable economic climate. Read more.

The Telegraph - 'I took a big pay cut, but it's a small price to pay to make a difference': why I quit my job to join the NHS (3rd September 2020). Read more. 

The Sun - Adapt to the ‘new normal’ with booming careers in a Covid-19 world (27th August 2020). Read more. 

LBC with Eddie Mair - How to make a career change as the UK faces its deepest recession on record (12th August 2020).

This Is Money - It's never too late to start a new career (11th August 2020). Losing your job can lead to changing your life for the better. Here's how to make the leap. Read more.

BBC Radio Gloucestershire - 7 out of 10 workers feel they are stuck in the wrong job, with Steve Kitchen sitting in for Mark Cummings (26th February 2020).

BBC Radio 4: You and Yours - How did you reinvent yourself after losing a job? With Winifred Robinson (17th December 2019).

Exhale Lifestyle - How To Handle a Midlife Career Change (9th December 2019). Many women change jobs in their 40s as their career and family circumstances evolve. Read more.

Yahoo Finance - Extra earnings: how to top up your income with a second career (15th Sept 2019). Turning a side hustle or hobby into a second career.  Read more. 

Yahoo Finance - How to protect your mental health when you're job hunting (8th Sept 2019). Managing the uncertainty, time constraints and financial pressure while searching for a new job.  Read more. 

SRHM - Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Sabbaticals in Europe (9th Aug 2019).  The value of sabbaticals to mitigate risk in a career change.

The Telegraph - More than a million managers hate their jobs: here's how to change careers in midlife (5th Jul 2019). Read more.

The Telegraph - Stuck in a rut? Here's our complete guide to changing careers in midlife (30th May 2019).  Meet those who changed careers in their thirties, forties, fifties and beyond. Read more

Yahoo Finance -  How 'anchoring' can impact job seekers (20th May, 2019). Don’t let your career change be defined by one (potentially biased) angle or opinion. Read more

Prospects - Make a career change (May, 2019). Read more

Fin Week - How to change careers (23rd Jan, 2019). Read More

The Telegraph - New decade, new job: How to change career in your thirties (6th August, 2018). In today's goal-obsessed world, many graduates find themselves jumping into careers straight after university. But they aren’t necessarily the right ones.

The Evening Standard - Summertime career blues? You're not alone (25th June, 2018). More than half of us are unhappy in our current jobs – but you don't have to be. Summer is the perfect time to prepare for a career change. Read More

BBC Radio London - How to change careers on the Simon Lederman show, with Jason Rosam sitting in (13th June, 2018).

FlyBe - Just the job (1st June, 2018). Is your nine-to-five more of a burden than a breeze? Read More

Irish Times - Six ways to find a new career no matter what age you are (22nd January, 2018). Key things are to talk to people, make a financial plan, experiment, and get over yourself. Read More

The Financial Times - Six ways to find a new career. Here's what I learnt from those who have done it. (21st January, 2018) Read More

The Evening Standard - New Year Courses. Is now the time to try something different? (4th January, 2018). If you are dreading a return to the daily grind, you are not alone. Read More

The Jewish Chronicle - What to do if that business suit no longer suits you (8th December, 2017). Read More

Red - Change gear in your career (4th September, 2017). Three mistakes to avoid when shifting careers... Read More

The Guardian - Back to work: reviving your career after a sabbatical (29th August, 2017). Globetrotting for a year might be considered the dream, but remember to showcase the skills you gained on your CV and application forms. Read More

BBC Radio London - Richard Alderson, the founder of Careershifters, discusses happiness at work and career change (27th August, 2017). Hear More

The Times - Start hating your job at 35 - then really work at it (24th August, 2017). Are you enjoying your first job? Proud of your company? Socialising with colleagues? You'll soon get over it. Read More

The Guardian - How to turn a career break or sabbatical into job success - live chat (16th August, 2017). Read More - Unhappy With Your Career? Here's the Only Question You Need to Ask Yourself (5th July, 2017). Overcome paralyzing worries and what-ifs with one simple, powerful question. Read More

The Times - Drumming pods help workers to beat stress (18th April, 2017). Pods where employees can smash drums, belt out a favourite song or practise yoga will soon be installed in offices to tackle epidemic levels of workplace stress, experts claim. Read More

BBC - Career change: How to make the leap (5th April, 2017). More people than ever seem to be changing career - in search of things like flexible working, freelance opportunities or remote working. Read More

Family Life - Fear factor and finances are biggest barriers to career change (27th January, 2017). A new survey has found that although prospective career changers cite financial worries as their biggest barriers to finding fulfilling work, what they really need is support to navigate the unknown. Read More

The Guardian - Why high flyers are swapping the board room for the classroom (25th January, 2017). From journalists to investment bankers, more professionals at the top of their game are turning to teaching. What does the trend mean for schools? Read More

The Guardian - Fancy a career change? Six tips for finding a new job (23rd January, 2017). January is a popular time for people to quit their jobs. Our experts offer advice for people who want to take the leap. Read More

Career Builder - 6 Strategies for making a successful career change (11th January, 2017). Ready for a career change, but have no idea what else you could do - or where to start? The career change experts at Careershifters share their top strategies for success. Read More

The Guardian - Want a new job in the new year? Ask the experts – live chat (11th January, 2017). Read More

Evening Standard - Go back to school and change lives (9th January, 2017). Teaching is one of the most popular choices for career-changers seeking a job where they can make a difference. Read More

Evening Standard - This is why it can be good for your career to keep changing jobs (17th October, 2016). It’s predicted that millennials will have nine jobs in a lifetime. Read More

The Sun - September is the busiest month for people wanting a career change - let us give some advice on how to make the transition (September 1st, 2016). Read More

The European - Starting Out Again (August, 2016). Leaving the stability of a secure job and taking a leap into the unknown is a massive risk, so why are so many professionals making this change? Read More

At Home with Lorraine Kelly - In Good Company (August, 2016). Meet three women who left high-flying jobs to go out on their own... and never looked back.  Have you got what it takes to follow suit?  An expert offers advice. Read More

BBC News - Is there such a thing as 'bore out'? (July 26th, 2016) A Frenchman is suing his former employer for "bore out" - boredom's equivalent of burnout - which he says turned him into a "professional zombie". Frederic Desnard wants 360,000 euros (£300,000) for being "killed professionally through boredom" by his 80,000-euro-a-year job as an executive in a perfume business. But is "bore out" real? Read More

Evening Standard - What's the best way to say goodbye? (July 7th, 2016). Nigel Farage resigned to 'get his life back', David Cameron because things did not go his way and Chris Evans left after he struggled to get the ratings.  If you're planning to quit your job, it makes sense to test out your future.  Read More

The Guardian - Six tips to help you change career (May 3rd, 2016).  Think about your passions, email key contacts and road test your new career before making the switch, advise the experts.  Read More

CNBC - Career change is the new normal of working (April 27th, 2016). Whether you've been on your current career path for 30 days or 30 years, changing directions may be your best next move — and plenty of people are making it. Read More

The Guardian - New beginnings: everything you need to know about changing jobs – live chat (20th April, 2016). Spring has sprung, and for many of us the changing seasons are the perfect time to breathe fresh life into your career. But if you’re considering changing jobs, how do you know it’s the right time to move? Read More

Evening Standard - And now for something completely different... (31st March, 2016). After a few days away from our desks at Easter, many of us are realising that there has to be more to life than our current job. But how easy is it to change career path for a role that is more fulfilling? Read More

The Guardian - Four ways to find a new role after leaving your job or redundancy (21st March, 2016). Prepare an answer for why you left your last job, but whatever you do – don’t apologise, say the experts. Read More

Total Jobs - Finding work you love (15th March, 2016). A recent survey by London School of Business & Finance revealed that almost half of all workers in the UK (47%) would like to change careers. Read More

Career Builder - 10-step plan to change careers (February 23rd, 2016). So you’ve decided to take the plunge and switch careers – now you just need to turn your dreams into reality. Not sure where to start? We can’t promise it will be easy, but following our 10-step plan is a good place to start.  

Career Builder - Stuck in a career rut? 5 ways to break out (February 9th, 2016). January has come and gone – and so has your motivation. If your New Year’s resolution was to get a new job or find a career you love, being stuck with the same old work patterns and situations can be disheartening. Perhaps it’s time to change the way you’re looking at things…

The Guardian - Spring clean your CV and cover letter for job success (1st February, 2016). Make your résumé ‘scannable’ and declutter applications so that you stand out from the crowd, say the experts. Read More

Woman and Home - Can I do work experience at 50? (February 2016). Seeking a fresh start, Sharon Walker becomes a midlife intern - and learns some valuable lessons along the way. Read More

The Guardian - New year, new start: CV and cover letter advice for 2016 – live chat (13th January, 2016). A panel of experts including Natasha Stanley, Head of Content at Careershifters, provide advice to readers about CVs and cover letters, assessing career goals and ambitions, sticking to career resolutions and how to find a job that suits you. Read More

The Telegraph - New Year, new job: how to change career and future-proof your working life (6th January, 2016). According to the site CareerBuilder, the top New Year’s resolution at work is to find a new job, with 21 percent of workers pledging to leave their employer in 2016. Read More

Woman Magazine - Don't tell me I can't ... start my own business (8th December, 2015). Approaching 40, Louise Keane felt something was missing, so she decided on a radical change. Read More

Men's Health - Make your dream job a reality (2nd December, 2015). We spend around 90,000 hours of our lifetime working, yet 80% of us are dissatisfied with our careers.  Here's how to join the other 20%. Read More

At Home with Tess Daly - Make 2016 your best year ever! (December 2015). Are you stuck in an unfulfilling career? Maybe you feel bored, stressed, overworked? If so, what can you do? Read More

Independent - The 3 principles of a successful career change (6th November, 2015). If you're thinking about a career change, don't follow conventional career advice. Read More

Mashable - 25 little ways to get closer to your dream job this week (29th October, 2015). Changing careers is a big, scary feat. Scratch that. A huge, terrifying feat. When your dream job has pretty much nothing to do with what you've been working toward your entire career - bridging that gap can feel overwhelming. Read More

The Guardian - I felt numb, uninspired by my work and stuck in Groundhog Day (7th October, 2015). If like 60% of people you are unhappy in your career and don’t know what job you want, take our tips on how to find the perfect role. Read More 

Jobsite - How to embrace uncertainty (1st October, 2015). The rapid changes of the modern workplace can feel incredibly daunting, particularly to those of us who value routine and predictability. Read More

The Telegraph - Hate your job? These 'gurus' are here to help (14th August, 2015). Are you in a job rut, craving flexible hours or yearning to be your own boss? Read More

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The Guardian - Career going in wrong direction? Avoid these job change mistakes (26th March, 2015). Read More

Woman Magazine – My office? It's a park... (2nd April, 2014). Read More

Huffington Post – Jean Pauley's 5 Essential Reinvention Tips (25th January, 2014). Back in the 1970s, Jane Pauley and Tom Brokaw brought us the news of the day as co-anchors of The Today Show. But last night, the long-time friends, now ages 63 and 73 respectively, reunited at the 92nd Street Y in New York City as Brokaw interviewed Pauley about her new book, Your Life Calling: Reimagining the Rest of Your Life. Read More

The Guardian – How to switch careers – live chat (21st November, 2013). Thinking of moving on to pastures new? Sooner or later, most of us will consider changing careers and finding a new type of job, a new company, or a different sector entirely. Read More

The Guardian – Guardian Careers-ebook (2013). Read More

BBC Capital – How to make a dramatic career change (11th November, 2013). For London-based Michelle Brideau, 10 years in the travel industry felt like an eternity. What started as low pay and high stress — but great perks — had evolved into low pay, high stress, no perks and lots of competition from the internet.  Read More

The Times – How to quit the day job and prosper (15th June, 2013)

Voice of Russia Radio – Portfolio careers – the way forward? (20th May, 2013) A panel of careers experts, including Sab from Careershifters, discuss the future of portfolio careers.

The Guardian – Moving Into Management: Live Online Q&A. (11th April, 2013) A panel of career experts, including Sab from Careershifters, answer readers’ questions about career change on a live chat. Read More

Guardian – Matching Your Career Aspirations To The Job Market: Live Chat (27th March, 2013) A panel of career experts, including Sab from Careershifters, answer readers’ questions about career change on a live chat. Read More

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Guardian - Career Change Clinic Live Online Q&A. (18th April, 2012) A panel of career experts, including Sab from Careershifters, answer readers’ questions about career change on a live chat. Read more

Independent - Fed up with your job? You can make the leap but take a good look first. (5th February, 2011) Career moves can work as long as you do your homework, say the experts - including Careershifters own Cath Roan. Read more

The Times - Laid off? Then start logging on.  Your new job could be just a mouse click away. Mark Bridge looks at how networking sites are uniting employers and jobseekers.

Guardian - How to get a career contingency plan. (11th September, 2010)  With the public sector alone expected to shed 610,000 jobs by 2015, career experts advise on how to move jobs or change career paths and turn redundancy into opportunity. Read More

Financial Times - The Careerist - How to change sector. (9th May, 2010) Most people are fairly relaxed about changing jobs. But what about leaving not just your employer but your industry? Is it good way of getting out of your comfort zone or a step too far? Read More

Stylist - Make Yourself Love Monday Mornings. The Careershifters workshop helps you identify your new career direction and ways to take practical action.

Guardian - 50 Steps to finding a new job. (8th May, 2010) Graham Snowdon asks the experts, including our very own Cath Roan, for their tips on finding a new job. Read More

BBC 2 Working lunch - Careershifters MD, Cath Roan, and Careershifters Coach, Marianne Cantwell, have both been invited into Working Lunch recently to share their thoughts on changing career.  

Guardian - The secret to being happy at work. (27th March, 2010) Cath Roan gives some top tips on how to make the best of a job you've stopped enjoying but can't afford to give up. Read More

BBC Online - How productive is your first day back at work? (4th January, 2010) Cath Roan comments on the increase in the number of people wanting to change career at this time of year. Read More

Observer - 30 ways to a better life. (4th January 2010) Business dragons, fitness trainers, psychologists, philosophers, style consultants, sex experts… Thirty gurus present bright ideas to help you make the most of 2010. Read More

Guardian - When I grow up I want to be...... Childhood dream jobs. (10th October, 2009) Train drivers, vets and footballers – our childhood dreams remain the same, so can revisiting them help our careers now? Frances Booth asked a class of children to draw their ideal jobs. Read More

BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour - How to change your life for the better. (27th April, 2009) Cath Roan, Careershifters MD, joined author & philosopher Alain de Botton and entrepreneur Sahar Hashemi on BBC Woman's Hour to discuss the realities of find meaning in our work in the midsts of the current recession.

Guardian - Taking the plunge. (27th February, 2009) Changing your career video - tips and advice from those who have successfully swapped jobs. Read More

BBC Online - Losing our jobs made us happier. (26th January, 2009) Redundancy is always a huge blow when it is forced upon unsuspecting workers. But as thousands face the prospect of being laid off in the recession, some of those who have been through it say it was a blessing in disguise. Read More

Metro – Move up a rung (26th September, 2008) If you want to remain employable in your chosen industry, you’ll have to keep improving your knowledge.

The Sunday Times - The bright side of redundancy
After the initial shock, being laid off can be turned into a positive experience. The Sunday Times tells survivors’ tales of past downturns.

The Times - How to change career
Most of us gaze in wonder at those bold souls who leap from career to career, but it's not as difficult as it appears.

Metro - Be prepared for a career change
The new year is a popular time to start looking for a new job, or even to decide to jack in your career altogether in favour of something different. But can you afford to?

Guardian - The perfect ... industry
Don't settle for a job you don't love. Find the perfect industry to stimulate your mind and nurture your talents - and you'll never look back.

Time Out - 40 original things to do after work. (27th November, 2007) Instead of heading down the pub, why not try some of the inspiring, unique and stimulating activities that the early evening offers Londoners? 

Independent - Switching to your dream job need not be a nightmare. Large numbers of people feel stuck in the wrong job. Help is at hand.

Guardian - Relieving the nine-to-five grind. (25th April, 2007) How can you be sure you want a career change rather than just a new job or different scenery? Adharanand Finn plots the steps to employment heaven. Read more

Independent - The Careers Advisor. (31st May, 2007) 'Am I too old for a new career? And, I have no contacts. How do I start networking?'