High Flyers

Tailored support for senior professionals and executives to help you find ‘what next’.

  • Discover exciting new career paths that will give you the stimulation, fulfilment and work/life balance you want
  • Feel confident about how you can use your skills in other fields
  • De-risk your shift, by following a structured, supported process
  • Move faster with dedicated, custom support from our most experienced career coaches
  • Leave with clarity, confidence and excitement about the next chapter in your career

Here's what previous High Flyers have said

“I’d being carrying around anxiety and uncertainty about my career for close to a decade. I’m amazed by how much space I’ve freed up inside my own head by successfully switching to a role I feel suits me better. And the buzz I get from telling people my new job title is as strong as ever, six months after making my shift. Thank you.”

Daniel - From Senior IT Professional to Designer

“I used to hate talking about what I did, but now I love being able to talk about my life! I’m no longer the miserable lawyer. I feel like myself again.”

Amanda - Senior Lawyer, who shifted from a toxic to a fulfilling work environment

“I’ve (finally!!) left and moved into a role I love, working with a team I love. I think back to the weekend when I agonised over whether or not I should do High Flyers, and it’s turned out to be the best decision I’ve made this year!”

Katrina - From Manager Professional Services to Boutique VC firm

“Work was hugely affecting my life and I felt stuck. I withdrew from my friends and my social life. Through High Flyers, I was finally able to articulate what was important to me about my work and move into a role I'd always wanted to do.”

Dirk - From Senior Project Manager to COO

“High Flyers helped me identify what I want to do in my next career – something I'd not been able to do through multiple previous courses or counselling (and the final outcome is something I hadn’t even considered). A knock on impact has been that I’m finding my current job more bearable as I work through the steps to transition to my new career.”

Mandy - From HR Manager to Writer (in progress)

“I’m not exaggerating when I say High Flyers has been life-changing. It’s shifted my perspective not just on how I work but how I live my life. I’ve left behind a toxic workplace, started a fledgling portfolio career and made new friends along the way.”

Louise - From Charity Manager to Portfolio Career